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Pennbrook SAfety PROTOCOLS



On Your Move-In Day


1. Arrive Only During Your Designated Time Slot 

Limited Number of Residents at anytime. 


2. Stop at the Check-In Tent for your parking space assignment 

This interaction is Contact Free

3. Self Park in your designated parking space

4. Put your vehicle’s flashers on

Parking Time is timed – You must remove your vehicle when your time slot is over to avoid ticketing or towing

No Return trips can be offered until Sunday 8/23 after 3pm  

5. Report to the Check-In Tent and obtain your apartment & mailbox key

This area is in the driveway of Pennbrook where pedestrian lanes will be established for social distancing.  

6. One moving cart is available for rent (free) at the cart rental tent

The cart rental is timed – please return your cart on time so it may be disinfected and ready for the next resident

Carts are being disinfected using a 1/3 cup bleach to 1-gallon water solution. Be mindful of clothing and staining.


Please follow the Up & Down Stairwell Regulations & Elevator Regulations 

Please follow the Entrance & Exit Door Way Regulations 

Maintenance Protocols

Our goal is to limit the amount of in-person interaction and avoid entering your space:

- Routine Maintenance requests will be on an altered schedule due to COVID-19 safety procedures 

- Please continue to use Appfolio to report routine, non-emergency, maintenance requests:

     - Light bulb change, broken blind, closet door adjustment, slow drain, etc.

- Maintenance team members will attempt to assist remotely by troubleshooting using phone, FaceTime, zoom etc 

- Our team member might leave light bulbs or other maintenance kits outside of your door for the self-guidance maintenance



We will be working on a revised Urgent Maintenance Request schedule:

- Plungers are available in all laundry rooms as a clogged toilet is the responsibility of the residents

- For Urgent Maintenance Requests please call 215.877.2885

- Some examples of urgent requests include: water infiltration, leaks, no heat, no electric 

If a maintenance team member needs to enter the apartment, the following will occur:

1. All windows need to be opened by the residents prior to the team member entering

2. Only one resident may remain inside the unit during the time the team member is inside 

3. Our team member will wear a mask properly fitted around the nose and mouth

4. The resident must wear a mask properly fitted around the nose and mouth

5. The resident will be asked a series of questions:

- Have you tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days?

- Have you bee in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days?

- Are you feeling fatigued, shortness of breath, trouble breathing, or a fever?

What You Need to Know About Move-In Weekend 


When is move-in?

Residents may schedule to move-in into their apartments on one of the following days:

Wednesday, August 19

Thursday, August 20

Friday, August 21

Saturday, August 22

Sunday, August 23



How do I schedule my move-in?

On Wednesday, July 22nd Residents will receive an e-mail from EventBrite. The E-Mail will contain specific instructions and a website link to schedule your move-in date/time. The website will close on Friday, July 31st and no changes to your scheduled date/time will be permitted after that time.



What should I bring with me?

To move-in, Residents MUST bring a printed or electronic Confirmation Ticket that will be received after choosing a move-in date and time. Philadelphia Police will need to see your Confirmation Ticket to allow your vehicle access to 63rd Street. 



What time slots will be available?

Beginning approximately 9am each day and ending approximately 5pm. The freight elevator will be shut off after that time and parking spots along 63rd street will not be available for parking. 




Where do I park?

Each resident may occupy one reserved parking spot in front of the building as instructed by staff; ONE VEHICLE PER RESIDENT  These rules will be strictly enforced by Philadelphia Police. Additionally, only residents scheduled to move-in will be allowed use of the elevator during their time slot. SOMEONE MUST REMAIN WITH EACH VEHICLE DURING THE TIME THE VEHICLE IS PARKED IN THE RESERVED AREA.



What if my desired time slot if full?

Please prepare several move-in choices so we may best accommodate your schedule and ours. 



My roommates and I are going to move in at the same time. Can we share a time slot?

Time slots will be scheduled for individual residents. If you are intending to move in with your roommate(s), you each should sign up for your own scheduled time slot. This will allow you each an opportunity to park and unload near the building.




I am traveling from far away, what if I am late for my scheduled time slot?

Please allow for traffic or other delays on the road. If you find that you are running late, please call the Pennbrook Management Office at 215.877.2885 x2. WE CANNOT guarantee that we can accommodate any resident who missed or is late for their scheduled time slot but we will try to assist. It is best to arrive early and anticipate traffic.




Do I have to schedule my move-in?

No.  Residents are not required to schedule their move-in. HOWEVER, residents who do not schedule their move-in will not be permitted to park in-front of the property, use the freight elevator or use moving carts at anytime Wednesday, August 19th, Thursday, August 20th, Friday, August 21st, Saturday, August 22nd, Sunday, August 23rd.  




Where do I move my car after my time slot is over?

You may move your vehicle to an available spot in the surrounding neighborhood or drive up to Hawk's Landing Parking Garage on - campus and a shuttle will bring you back to Pennbrook Apartments to organize your apartment.




Where do I pick up my key?

After you park your vehicle in your reserved parking spot, you will be greeted by Pennbrook Staff who will direct you to the check-in tent where you will pickup your key.




What if I do not move my vehicle after my time slot is over?

Each resident will be allowed 1 time slot to move items into the building. A 10-minute warning will be issued by staff members. Vehicles who remain parked in reserved spots after their designated time slot is over WILL BE TICKETED & TOWED by the Philadelphia Police Department who will be on-site all weekend. 




What if I do not move all my items into the property in time?

If a resident is unable to move all of their items into the building within the hour, they will have to move their car to another available parking spot in the surrounding neighborhood. We must be fair to the next wave of tenants who are scheduled to move-in. Second trips will be allowed after 2pm on Sunday, August 23rd.

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