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In February, 2018 John Bremner joined Aquinas to help provide oversight and input into construction operations. John has over 40 years of experience in the planning and development of a wide variety of construction programs in the Philadelphia region including, Multi-Family, Retail, Office and Institutional projects.  His extensive knowledge of historical costs on a wide range of building types provides a wealth of information, translating into the ability to accurately predict project budgets at the earliest stages of conceptual design. His experience includes new construction, major additions and renovations, and adaptive reuse projects, in diverse market sectors. This combination of a significant knowledge of the Philadelphia regional marketplace, with an ability to accurately predict the cost of complex projects, based on very preliminary documentation, ensures that realistic budget goals are established at the outset of a project.


Prior to working with Aquinas, John served as Senior Vice President for INTECH Construction where he was a member of the Executive Management team with a focus on Pre-Construction. As part of that team he was an active participant in INTECH’s growth and development in the Philadelphia marketplace. He was well-known in the local construction industry as an accomplished professional. At INTECH, working collaboratively with both Architects and Owners, he played a key role in the development of project design and delivery, to ensure that project objectives were met.


Prior to joining INTECH, John was Senior Vice President with Shoemaker for over 20 years, where he was responsible for Pre-Construction and Construction services on numerous local projects with a focus on Office, Retail and Institutional construction.


John graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, and a Master of Arts in Architecture, from the University of Sheffield, England. As a registered architect in his home country, he combined an architect’s approach to problem-solving with a contractor’s solid grounding in cost, constructability and schedule. In joining Aquinas, John brings this unique expertise to the very earliest stages of project inception, thus adding an effective dimension to the real estate development business that is a true asset to Aquinas.


John serves on several boards and charitable organizations in the local area using his expertise to help guide and assist in the delivery of their mission.

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